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As you all know, I will be getting married in SL. February 15, 2014 to be exact, to my beautiful Fiancee Tatiana Juliet Blaze-Capone. I feel like I'm lost in a dream and I'm waiting for someone to pinch me, wake me up. I guess the reason would be because this is my first sl wedding and like every Bridezilla is a Groomzilla who gets nervous as well. But, I know that this wedding will be a success because I know the girl I am marrying is the one. Not only in SL, but RL as well. Okay, enough with the sappy shit. Here is my suit, I hope you guys like. I won't give too many details away but our wedding colors are obviously red, white and black. The reason why I am giving everyone a sneak peak of my tux is because this tux was custom made. [: I'm all about the custom made fashion of Secondlife as you can see. This is a sweet ass suit isn't it? Well, if you like the suit and the detail you are in luck, because I know where you can get one just as amazing as this. It doesn't need to be for a wedding, it can just be for a party or event. So, who made this suit you ask? Her name is Ines Craft in SL and can be found on FB as Ines Vasser-Craft. I call her Peanut for short and she owns ::TATTOOART::. Peanut's store can be found on MP, along with a lot of awesome clothing items and accessories. You've seen me blog a few shirts before if you've been following. So if you're interested, make sure you drop her a message. I mean, who doesn't want their own custom suit to show off? Hey girrrrrls, she makes dresses too (;. Also, make sure you check out this sim I found, it's very... interesting. And you never know maybe you'll get lost in this dream during your visit, with me...


Mesh Suit ~ ::TATTOOART:: ~ Mesh Suit

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